Thursday, July 19, 2007

Taryn Southern is Hott 4 Hill

Barack Obama and Rudy Giuliani both have their sexy "girls" prancing around half naked singing of their lust for leadership in viral music videos on YouTube. Now Hillary Clinton joins the new wave of political propagandizing with her own eager young lesbian admirer. I find it a tad disturbing that this bit of steamy political sexploitation happens in an elementary school classroom full of attentive impressionable female students. The little girls take copious notes as their randy sexpot teacher pines over Hillary and then start singing with her, "if we all had some Hill up on the Hill..." Of course, their idea of having "some Hill" is a lot different from their horny teacher's thoughts on the topic. Besides, I'm sure Taryn Southern isn't really Hott 4 Hill but is definitely hot on herself and the promotion of her own career.

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