Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Transformers Propagate Racist Stereotypes

Transformer JazzI found a blogosphere gem buried in the morass of mediocrity while surfing one of my favorite blogs, Invisible Woman... Black Cinema at LARGE, around 5:30 this morning. Invisible Woman (what a great Bonez Crew member she would make!) linked to The Angry Black Woman's guest blogger Nora's post More stereotypes than meet the eye. I read in fascination and was captivated by a well written perspective of the Transformers movie that I had not considered before. I found myself nodding in agreement with Nora's observations and wanted to share her post with Bonez readers. Thank you Nora for opening more eyes...

Nora wrote:
"I’ll preface this rant by saying that I went into the film expecting little in the way of logical plot or well-rounded characterization. As one of my viewing companions reminded me, it’s a Michael Bay film, after all. I went expecting to see giant robots blowing stuff up, and mostly that’s what I got. I was even pleasantly surprised by the first half of the film, which was an intriguing and heartwarming “boy and his car” tale. It brought back fond memories of my own first car, which I affectionately named “the Heap”, and which also seemed to have a mind of its own about certain things. (Not about getting me laid, though. Must be a guy-car thing.) I enjoyed the nods to the old 80s TV series, though clearly I wasn’t nearly as much of an old-series fan as most of the audience, who roared every time they caught some bit of fanservice that I missed. That was OK. It was all good, silly, lighthearted fun.

[Please Read Nora's Entire Post Here]

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Unknown said...

Hey Tony,
How are things going? I do not know what elephant ears are. ha ha. but taro is a root that hawaiians use to make poi. It is purple or grey in color and has the consistancy of a sweet potato.

Bonez said...

Hiya Kahealani! Here's a Wikipedia link to elephant ears which are indeed the taro plant of Hawaii. However, I think there is also another species that looks the same but are related to the Caladium family and has a link here and now I am really confused on which I am growing in abundance in my garden. Hey! What does any of this elephant ear talk have to do with Racist Stereotypes in the Transformers movie?!?