Monday, July 02, 2007

U.S. Summer Terror "Spectacular" Compliments of Al-Qaeda

Homeland SecurityABC News reports the leak of a secret government document reminiscent of intelligence before 9/11 attacks. The document warns of a terror "spectacular" from Al-Qaeda over the next few months. Homeland Security has kept the information secret and is trying to give U.S. citizens a false sense of security and deny there is any reason for concern. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said the U.S. did not "have any specific credible evidence that there's an attack focused on the United States at this point." Just like before 9/11, eh?

At least the Republicans are not using this as a tool of fear-mongering to further their agenda of power control... yet.

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CW FISHER said...

I ain't afraid a no ghosts.

CW FISHER said...

Wait a second, yes I am. I am afraid. We are being warned by our abusive parents that we're in big trouble soon whether we like it or not, when we least expect it -- could be NOW! Gotcha. NOW! Gotcha again. Lookout! Heh heh.

Bonez said...

But the fact is, we are not being warned by "our parents". They are withholding information from the public and claiming no credible threat. Information that wasn't shared with Glasgow last week and may have prevented their airport bombing. Information that may have led to the finding of the two car bombs in London? Don't get me wrong, I am just as tired as the next person of the Republicans screaming the sky is falling in order to scare the public into submission of acceptance of their trampling our constitutional rights but this is exactly the opposite. Or... is it? Maybe the "leak" to ABC News is just another sneaky way to intimidate us without looking like "they" are manipulating us. More smoke screens and mirrors? Interesting to ponder especially if you are one who thinks most of the U.S. media is actually already controlled by the government.

CW FISHER said...

Did you know that the subway bombing in London (in 2005, I think) was probably a false flag operation like 9-11?

Alex Jones makes a good case.

Whenever I hear of another domestic terror threat, I immediately wonder what my government's up to, not what the "terrorists" are planning. Terrorists do small stuff. Stuff that regular people can do. They don't do building demolitions or plane flying. They aren't that grandiose. They can't afford it.

Bonez said...

What scares me is that several Republican candidates need a renewed terrorist threat or an actual attack to strike fear back in the American people. Fear that will allow them to step in as protectors and saviors once more. "False flag operation"? The thought scares the hell out of me but I wouldn't put anything past the Cheney Bush administration.