Friday, July 13, 2007

Wii Fit Looks Like Fun Way to Stay Trim

Soon I will be able to get my Wii on and trim down in the process. I have already proven that sustained work on the Wii Sports, that came with the system, will actually improve your coordination and help you to lose weight. Now Nintendo takes it a few aerobics steps further and is making an all out exercise and workout "game" that I can't wait to try. In the video I see yoga and dance demonstrated (similar to DDR [Dance Dance Revolution]?) and it makes me wonder if and when anyone will ever turn out a real martial arts training simulation. Surely it can't be too far away. With the new balance-sensing wireless Wii mat whole new gaming and exercise possibilities are opened up for Nintendo fans. Another cool thing is the Wii mat will measure your BMI, weight, and overall body mass health over time and track it for the whole family. Suddenly I'm running out of excuses for not having time to both exercise and play video games.
Remember, Real Men Wii Standing Up.

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E said...

Wish I still had my Wii. :(

Bonez said...

Dude, get your Wii and get fit! I double dog dare ya'.