Monday, August 13, 2007

Justice for the Jena 6

The trouble in Jena started with the nooses. Then it rumbled along the town's jagged racial fault lines. Finally, it exploded into months of violence between blacks and whites. Now the 3,000 residents of this small lumber and oil town deep in the heart of central Louisiana are confronting Old South racial demons many thought had long ago been put to rest. [Read Full Article @ Justice in Jena]

JENA, La. -- Here in the woodsy heart of Louisiana, town leaders were looking for a fresh start, a way to erase the recent memory of Jim Crow-like hangman's nooses dangling from a shade tree at the local high school. So they cut the tree down.

But after the events of the past 12 months, that attempt by white officials about two weeks ago to heal the town's deep racial divide before the start of a new school year might be too little, too late. [Read Full Article @ Justice in Jena]

[Listen to NPR interview of Jordan Flaherty, a journalist living in New Orleans, and Caseptla Bailey, the mother of one of the defendants, give an update on the case] and [Read and listen to a very thorough recap of the events leading up to the Jena 6 incident]

Please, join efforts in bringing equal and fair justice to the Jena 6 by contacting your Senators and your Representatives. Tell them about the Jena 6 and demand that the Justice Department investigate. Unequal and unfair justice doled out based upon race, sex, financial standing or any other delimiting factor must be stopped. Equal Justice for All!

[Additional information, videos, documents, articles and pictures @ While Seated]

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ColorStruck said...

Thanks for posting that story. It's important that we take time to slow down and pay attention to the inequities that exist in this country. Sometimes it seems almost hopeless to protest treatment like this, especially when the corruption and mistreatment runs up the ladder to an institution like a DA's office, but if we don't protest for those without voices, who will? Keep posting insightful articles like this - it keeps us aware of the harsh realities of life. I applaud you for posting this article.

Bonez said...


There are so many inequities in our world that it is difficult on which battle fronts we should choose to fight or even support. However, especially since 9/11, I have tried my best to focus on the problems and inequities in our country versus any concerns over the whole world and how I myself can make our lives and those of future generations better. As our government and our citizens turned their eyes toward the Middle East and the "terrorist threat" and the "war on terror" it seems they forgot the "wars" going on in our own proverbial backyards. Add to that the loss of rights and freedoms for most Americans and politicians who have their own hidden agendas (with little true concern for the genuine welfare of their constituents) and you are right... "it seems almost hopeless"... but it's not. We must all work together to bring a voice to the voiceless and to make blatantly visible the social inequities that exist and many choose to ignore.

(S)wine said...

everything, in the end, is inter-related.
i agree that we need to focus on problems internally; but also keep abreast and informed of what's going on globally.
the U.S. plays an integral role in globalization; whether we like it or not.
corporations lobbying politicians is a cancer. i don't know what can be done about that, other than--like with treating cancer--destroying the entire immune system.
it's quite sad all around.

Bonez said...

Thanks for commenting, Lx. However, I don't think that corporations lobbying politicians is the root cause for racial hatred and discrimination in this country. This is something I have personally fought against all of my life and it troubles me further that there seems to be a turning back to more trouble times of our past as if we haven't learned from our own history or made any progress.

I do agree that we, as informed citizens of the world, must stay in tune with what is happening around the world. Myself, being an international business man, it is extremely important for my relationship with my friends, colleagues, customers and partners around the world. Another thing, being exposed to and traveling abroad has demonstrated to me that we Americans are a lot less informed by our news sources than most people think. There is a hell of a lot more going on in the world that will either directly or indirectly affect our lives than our media or government would like for us to know. Ah, but that is a topic for another post and time.

Invisible Woman said...

Thank you Tony