Sunday, August 19, 2007

KiwiPulse - Rock Your World

What better way to welcome a new Bonez Blogroll member than to reference them in a post to one of their recent entries. Welcome KiwiPulse and thank you for this funny, sexy commercial video. Not so sure about this guy's fantasy but it could have been worse given that the commercial is Canadian made. Hockey Pucks anyone?

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Marloes said...

Welcome KiwiPulse, even with the soundless system at work, this one is loud and clear..:)

Bonez said...

Just a reminder to all Bonez visitors. You too can have your blog/site featured on Bonez by the Bonez Crew if you submit (via contact information in the sidebar). The Bonez Blogroll only links to blogs/sites that link back favorably so submit yours today.