Sunday, August 12, 2007

Man VS Dragon

While surfing the web on my Wii this morning, I came across this video which is part one of an intended three part series in the Man VS films catalog. According to the creators at MAN VS they are attempting to fill a void in American entertainment by filming one thousand fake deaths. After enjoying Man VS Dragon and another one of my favorites, Man VS Electricity, I don't think a thousand deaths are going to sufficiently address the great need the entertainment world has for hilarious faked deaths. The scary thing is I am wondering if my sudden insatiable thirst for comedic faked deaths is due to an overdose of reading posts from E here on Bonez.

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Bonez said...

An update from Man VS themselves!

"Thanks so much for checking out our videos, and for posting them on your blog! We really appreciate the support and the exposure!

Our goal with Man Vs. is to create high-quality, short and funny videos for the online community. We've been hard at work for nearly two years now and it's invigorating to be recognized by YouTube and to hear from people such as yourself.

Our hope is that people find the MAN VS. episodes, off-beat, original and just plain funny.

Here's some inside scoop: We're getting ready to release part 2 within the next two weeks, followed by the exciting conclusion. Then we're releasing MAN VS. HORROR. And we're now in pre-production for our next round for filming and I think we're going to do MAN VS. PIRATES b/c we've been getting a lot of requests for that one!


Jod{i} said...

Wow...thats pretty good!
And all due to

Also, I just wanted to make sure I stopped over and said thank you for your wonderful comments!
Made my day! And your welcome ;)

Bonez said...

Hi Jod{i}. Nah, I won't give E all the credit. Heck, I won't even give him 1/2 the credit. I just had to find someone to blame for my bizarre desires to see more fake death zaniness ;)

You are very welcome, Jod{i} and the pleasure is all mine. I appreciate your work very much and your sincere and heartfelt words are what prompted the comment.