Thursday, August 09, 2007

Perceiving Reality with SiCKO and Women Bloggers

Reality CheckCan I ask you a serious question? Where are you? Why are you there? The answer to those questions is obviously the answer to every other question there is. What is Reality? What's keeping us in the dark about it?

Give a ShitBonez prides itself in shattering many barriers to freedom of expression for all sexes. We didn't realize how far we've come until reminded by informative posts like this one by J Blue/Nvisiblewmn at The Invisible Woman on "suitable topics for women bloggers".

Recommended viewing before seeing Michael Moore's SiCKO, to understand the background and how it ties in with current events happening around the country. Are you fed up with our lack of affordable healthcare? Then get SiCKO and take action to do something about it.

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Blank said...

Hey, thanks for the nod.

E said...

That managed to make the main page of Digg. (This is related to Sicko, of course.)

I just had to show it off because that was MY high school!!!!!

Bonez said...

Nvisiblewmn: Thank you for visiting Bonez! I enjoy your work.

E: I think it is odd that a person would be referred to by what high school they graduated from. What's up with that? Must be super small town USA talk, eh?

E said...

If you investigate the link, you'll notice that it's to the Press/Argus, which is the local Livingston County paper up there. As the incident in question happened outside of Livingston, but involved a former resident, they "sexied" up the story a bit. The population of that entire county would fit in one suburb town of Atlanta, so we get kind of excitable when ANYTHING makes the news. :P

You must bear in mind that the largest mark the town of Hartland ever made on history was that Henry Ford wanted to buy the organ from our local theater. He didn't and they still use it to this day.