Friday, August 10, 2007

(S)wine is Casting Pearls

Casting Pearls Before SwineIf you hunger for good spontaneous-feeling off-the-wall creative writing then click here and prepare to spend hours reading (S)wine. Loose yourself and bask in the luxurious unadulterated bliss of a saturation of encapsulated vignettes.
"In Memphis I paid for a girl from the yellow pages to come to my room. Only I never wanted the hand job. I just wanted her to sit with me and talk. I had been on the road for eight days, twelve hours at a time. I wanted to tell her how nice the girls were in Knoxville. And how good the food was in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I lived, then, on a candy bar a day. I ate it at night, before going to bed. In Tucumcari, New Mexico I found a can of white beans at a rest stop washroom and so I had it for supper sitting in the car, parked. I ate in the middle of the worst storm I'd ever seen. The crosswinds were rocking the car and I thought I was going to be flipped over in the parking lot. I was going to Hollywood to try to be something. I was too late."
[Excerpt from (S)wine: Born Out of This dated 03 August 2007]

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Lisa Wines said...

Thanks for this. I just spent some time reading over yonder. I wish (s)wine had an RSS feed. I'm afraid I'll lose sight of him.

(S)wine said...

if you go down to the bottom of the blog and click on "subscribe to posts", i think that's your rss feed for the site.

Bonez said...

Hi OMyWord! Lx's subscription RSS feed is an (Atom) at the bottom of each page just as pointed out by Lx. For convienence I have taken the liberty to add a live link to the (S)wine RSS feed here. Consider it just one more special personalized service compliments of the Bonez staff ;)

Lx, thank you so much for gracing Bonez with your visit and for your interaction. Your writing tickles the mind and keeps us coming back for more. Are there longer works for us to enjoy? Please, visit often and bring a few friends now and again.

(S)wine said...

oh thanks.
i like bonez and i've added it to my links.

Bonez said...

Thank you for the Links Add, Lx. Gladly and gleefully returning the favor and making (S)wine a permanent resident of the Bonez blogroll.