Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace

Adolf HitlerI've often wondered why the German people followed Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime into World War 2. Here's an insightful look into the possibilities of why and maybe a wake up call to those who blindly support George W. Bush.

McDonalds Around the WorldEver have a craving for a McLak or a McAloo? How about washing down that Greek Mac with a warm German beer? To experience any of these delightful cuisine options you will have to get super-sized at various McDonalds around the world.

Virtual Egyptian MuseumVisit the Virtual Egyptian Museum and marvel at the thousands of online artifacts complete with detailed descriptions, discussion and links.

Reboot 2.0There is hope for all you Reboot fans. Reboot will be returning but this time on the big screen with three (count 'em!)THREE feature length films. Can't wait to get my Megabyte on.

Aliens Harvesting HumansOMG! After being awaken by their souless fleshbot flying saucer servants, the evil and ravenous HEMORG will harvest human psychic and physical energies for sixty years.

Electric LotusAt 350 miles per charge and about one cent per mile operating cost and top speed of 155 miles an hour, the new ZAP-X Crossover Lotus could well be my next family car.

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Jod{i} said...

One of my Uncles was in the war and he met my Aunt, a german citizen. I, as I grew older, wondered this myself. So being the rebel that I am, I asked her.
We had a long conversation and the in the end she said...The American Government, any government could d the same..And "fool" rationalize, throw the 'evil' propaganda amok...and we not so diligent wouldnt even know it until it to late.
It evolves. Plus, she added, what were the other choices they had, at that time considering?
It amazes her today(almost fearful at times) the way we can just say and just do and criticize our government, today.
That was not a luxury they were afforded. And one that could quickly leave our grasp, if we do not stay in tune...and I say say, people dont get their heads out of their...well yanno.

Bonez said...

jod{i} you are absolutely right and thus the point of me posting this newsbyte link on Hitler. We, the citizens of the U.S. of A., are very much poised in a similar situation as the German people found themselves in the late 1930's. That's one reason I use the term "Bush Regime" in some of my writing because I see scary similarities and history potentially repeating itself. We must keep alert to the deceptions of those who really run our country (and the world?). Bush has done more damage to this country than any other president in history. He's not done yet and with the rapid erosion of our rights and freedoms and the march toward the NAU and war with Iran we are very much in danger of allowing a near future nightmare for ourselves and our children.

Peace indeed... that's what we need because only unconditional love for ourselves, our neighbors and our planet can save us from almost certain catastrophe.