Saturday, August 18, 2007

Who the *F* is Alice?

For those of you who’ve been searching for the answer, look no further. This is Alice, a successful international telephone and internet provider from Telecom Italia. It’s already active in Italy, Germany, and France with more than a million customers and is now being launched in Holland by BBned . Alice is all about being consumer friendly without small print and no long term contracts. I can see a successful future for them in the Netherlands, not because of their competitive pricing, but because of the model (Vanessa Hessler) they use for their campaign. She makes grown men drool.

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X rated parody here


Bonez said...

From the commercial it appears she makes more than "grown men" drool since I saw quite a few women admiring her assets, as well. She's definitely HOT but I didn't see a single thing about what was really being sold through this ad. I guess I have to watch it again to see what I missed.

Marloes said... on the drooling part
The message they use is that Alice makes everything very clear.I think this commercial was a special one,just made for Christmas.

Bonez said...

It is hilarious to see the reactions on the peoples' faces. I've played this half a dozen times just to see any that I missed and to enjoy the really good ones over and over. Actually seeing the actress they were supposed to be drooling over was sort of anti-climatic in the end. Yep, the commercial replay appeal comes from the looks on the faces and actions of the actors and actresses who are witnessing the sex goddess' approach and not the hot looking woman herself. In fact, many of the women ogling her were just as attractive if not more so.