Friday, September 14, 2007

Hank Williams Jr. - That's How they Do It In Dixie

Who says Southerners don't have a refined sense of high fashion or sophisticated cosmopolitan tastes? I am definitely not a Country and Western music fan but this music video by Hank Williams, Jr. caught my interest for some reason. This seems to go well with another Bonez post that has been on the Top Hits list for a long time... We Love Short Shorts!.

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A Woman From Illinois said...

Hey Tony


Is it ok? if I like short shorts also???????

Bonez said...

I think it is perfectly okay for everyone to like short shorts. Of course, there are some who should be careful with the power of the sacred short shorts. You could put an eye out or cause traffic accidents or worsen global warming. With great short shorts power comes great responsibility to humankind.

Marloes said...

Gosh, this makes me wish to be 21 again..:) Great video Tony!