Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jena 6 Noose was a Terroristic Threat

America Lynching CitizensThe Jena 6 have taken on urban legend status on the internet. Check out their entry at Snopes, the internet urban legend/rumor control site.

On September 4th prosecutors announced that charges against two more of the Jena 6 defendants, Carwin Jones and Theo Shaw, would be reduced from attempted second-degree murder to aggravated second-degree battery. On September 10th the Reverend Al Sharpton is calling for investigation of the district attorney prosecuting the case for complacency and unfair treatment of the Jena Six. A long overdue move, in my opinion.

There still is not enough media coverage given to such an important case as the Jena 6. It sickens me to see news specials dedicated to the deceased Anna Nicole Smith's baby daughter's first birthday and not a word about the social and political injustices in this country. Or we get tons of sound bytes and press coverage on the crash and burn of useless rich socialite parasites and nothing substantial about the growing racial tensions spreading across our nation.

Yes, we see a horrible trend and it should be an embarrassment to anyone with a shred of human decency flowing through them. We, the people, are responsible for this and are not merely innocent bystanders helplessly watching the flow of history passing us by. We have a voice and we much each find our own and use it now and shrug off the apathy and complacency our government has drugged us with. Use it before it is taken away from us by the very same power mongers who are turning their faces away from the Jena 6.

Lynching is not a joke and it is not freedom of speech to use nooses to visualize that threat. An insinuation of lynching should be rightly construed as an outright terroristic threat or hate crime with stiff severe punishments for the perpetrators. With that in mind, who are the real criminals in the Jena 6 case? I would start with the cowardly punk rednecks who put up the three nooses on the "white tree" and then include every Jena citizen who has not actively called for equal justice in this case. From the teachers and principle of the school, to the police, to the mayor, to the district attorney, to the governor of Louisiana.

Louisiana and the United States must not let this be a victory for racism and white supremacy.

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