Monday, September 10, 2007

Keepon the Dancing Japanese Robot Shakes Booty to Spoon

Keepon is a sophisticated Japanese robot designed originally as a child-development research tool by Hideki Kozima (the scientist in the above video clip). Keepon was born of the clinical research Kozima conducts with autistic children and is programmed by Marek Michalowski.
Spoon is a rock band from Austin, Texas. Keepon dances to Spoon's Don't You Evah.

Keepon dancing to Spoon's I Turn My Camera On became a YouTube viral video sensation with over 1.4 million views. I can't help but smile and feel a little lighter at heart watching Keepon dancing.
See Spoon's live performance at Bonnaroo 2007.

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Marloes said...

Justlove the sound!

Bonez said...

Yeah, the music makes me want to shake my booty, too. The little guy isn't much more than two tennis balls stacked on each other but he sure has more personality and charisma than a lot of folks I know.

Marloes said...

LOL...I find that there is beauty in the simple things, This little guy proves it..
*Is shaking her big butt untill it drops*