Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Amazing Women and Naked Sushi

[Video found @ The Thinking Blog]

Prepare to be grossed out by the new clothing line mimicking the look and feel of human skin that is all the rage in Japan. [Found @ InventorSpot]

New drug resistant super bug may be deadlier than AIDS.

Naked Sushi LunchMy absolute favorite food is sushi (so sexy and gratifying!) and sashimi and I have a major craving for some naked sushi right now so grab your chopsticks and wasabi and join me @ Funtasticus.

Dita Von Teese refuses to stop wearing fur despite working for PETA. [Also see previous Bonez post Dita Von Teese Teaches the ABC's at PETA]

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EuroYank - Virginia Hoge said...

The Sushi looks Great!

Bonez said...

The sushi looks fine but is more of the "beginner" stuff, in my opinion. Not enough nigiri and too much maki for my tastes. Though spicy tuna roll is definitely one of my favorite makis.

GeologyJoe said...

Geeze, i just did a restaurant review on a sushi place. but naked sushi is way more interesting.

Bonez said...

Hi GeoJoe. I've gotta question the quality of the naked sushi. If they are going to such extremes in their presentation of the wonderful delights then maybe they are compensating for lack of taste? Of course, I may be misjudging them and will reserve final judgment until I am able to partake of such an interesting dining experience off the nude body of some gorgeous nymphet.

GeologyJoe said...

Well Tony. SOMEONE has to try it. Why not you, eh?