Thursday, October 04, 2007

Flexible Women and UFO's

Anyone else remember when "Bonez" was primarily barely legal, scantily-clad women and UFO stories from the tinfoil hat crowd? Oh, nostalgia...

So this woman may or may not be named Nadya but I'm fairly certain that she's female (as opposed to this person who is most definitely not). The video comes with a warning: Do not try this at home (or this while you're watching)!

As for UFO's, I think I've decided that the "fake" videos are far more entertaining than the "real" ones:

Notice anything unusual about the palm trees? Several of them have their fronds arranged in a strangely similar way (you can even see it in the YouTube preview images above). Know why? Because the palm trees are rendered 3D models just like everything else in these sequences. The Los Angeles Times ran a story about the "Haiti" and "Dominican Republic" videos including how they were created and why. You can read it here.

Yet another UFO sighting over Los Angeles! The palm trees are definitely real and the UFO is totally "not fake". Wow!

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