Sunday, October 21, 2007

J.K. Rowling's Boobs Make Personal Appearance

The foxy 42-year-old gazillionaire authoress, J.K. Rowling is making a lot of headline splashes recently. First, she revealed that beloved Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore is (or is that was?) gay much to the demented glee of radical fundamentalist Christians who enjoy attacking her and her works so much. Then she goes and has a minor wardrobe malfunction at a recent reading and question and answer session.

Her dress slippage revealed a matronly white bra that appeared to be a heavy duty breast suspension apparatus. Not at all like the sexy lace hardly there stuff of fevered adolescent fantasies. Pretty ho-hum apparel but a definite two thumbs up for impressive cleavage-flaunting.

Of course, some bloggers don't love the talented Ms. Rowling as much as I and most Bonez readers do. In fact, some of them have a lot of negative nastiness to spew about her in their blogs. Some of them are downright vicious and outright slanderous like the ridiculous redneck hateful post on She-who-must-not-be named's blog STR : THE FREEDOM BLOG. Also, I don't know if this STR is the same as the aforementioned she-who-must-not-be-named or just another twisted sister but there seems to be too much coincidence in their tactics and political preferences to be mere coincidence. She-who-must-not-be-named was first reported by Bonez here.

And finally, has anyone else noticed how Ms. Rowling continues to get better looking the richer she gets?


Lisa Wines said...

Hey baby, money talks and bad hair dye walks. I love those books. Not ashamed to say. And glad to know she is a fox. Haven't read the latest one yet - have pondered tackling it in French, then said Nah.

Hope all be well with you Mr. Tonez.

Bonez said...

I also find myself extremely infatuated with Ms. Rowling's wonderful Harry Potter series. I intentionally refused to read the books until the series was completed. Don't know why except maybe it is one of my many getting older eccentricities :) I am now 2/3rds the way through Book 4 Goblet of Fire and will probably take a couple of week break before delving into Book 5.

As for JK being a "fox"... guess another one of my quirks is showing through. Some would call her a cougar but I don't think she's stalking younger boy toys (at least publicly) so I will refrain from what I consider to be a negative connotation.

Blank said...

I love those books, too. I left my 8 y.o. son read them, too.

Like so many women, Rowling got trapped in an era, but she's had a makeover and looks great.

Bonez said...

One funny note is that I tried to sit and read the first book to my son when they first came out and found it so boring that I never made it through the second chapter. Funny what a little publicity and a few movies can do for a franchise :)

I admit she looks scrumptious and have no problem with nice looking rich women who happen to be extremely talented and interesting.