Friday, October 12, 2007

Scientology Messiah Builds War of the Worlds Bunker

Scientology ChristConclusive proof for any of you who were still wondering if Tom Cruise has really lost his mind over his obscene obsession with the bizarro, quasi-religion, sci-fi cult called Scientology. There is no longer any reason to ponder the possibility as the Scientology Messiah Cruise will build a ten million dollar alien-proof War of the Worlds underground bunker under his massive Colorado mansion. This underground paradise will allow him to house and care for up to ten people for years. Wonder who's on his guest list.
[Image from Payallin's-Toiling in Dreamland]

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goherbal said...

...Except the whole thing is a lie.

1) NOBODY in Scientology considers Tom Cruise a "messiah" - this was a bull**** story run by the UK Sun, one of the slimiest tabloids on Earth. TC's reps debunked it immediately.

2) No, Cruise is NOT building any bunker anywhere. His reps already made a statement that no construction is going on in his property. Additionally, no Scientologist believes in any alien attack. This is a classic "poisoning the well" myth spread about our religion in an effort to sensationalize and demean our religion. Scientology is not about aliens, it's about self-empowerment through introspection and increasing personal and spiritual awareness.

Scientologist and proud of it

Bonez said...

Thank you for visiting Bonez and commenting, Greg. It's always good to hear from multiple views of any story.

To clarify, the staff of Bonez never claims nor verifies the veracity of anything posted so Bonez cannot be held liable or accountable for anything but lighthearted frivolity (I like that word today).

I only wish people would respond with such fervency for the real injustices and problems of this country and world.

Kim said...


Bonez, I guess I'm happy you got a fervent response? L. Ron was a nut, and no Greg, that may not be fact, but it is my fervent opinion... but I'm glad you have something that inspires a spiritual sense of emotion for you.

Jesus, that tattoo woman in the post previous was, er, interesting? I wish I'd have seen the warning BEFORE I clicked the pic...

Miss you love.

Bonez said...

Hey Kim, long time no see, Babe. Glad you decided to mosey on over to Bonez and check things out. It's sort of different, eh? The Bonez Crew does a fine job of mixing things up around here now and it just keeps getting better and better.

Thanks for the comments on this post about ScienTOMology. It's interesting to see you trying to be so diplomatic :)

Hey, can't believe my professionally added black censored strips didn't give you a clue as to what you were getting in to. Sheesh, I even put the warning in RED letters, GirlFriend! What's it take to keep you out of those places that will only embarrass you or gross you out?

Again, thank you so much for dropping by and hope that it will become habit for you again. Miss you, 2...