Friday, October 19, 2007

Wacko Jacko Friday Frights

Wacko Jacko Halloween MaskOne of the scariest things you will see this Halloween season is the new Michael Jackson or Wacko Jacko mask from Fright Catalog. [Found @ Boing Boing]

Robert "Bobby" Kennedy witnessed the demonstration of the M65 Recoilless Nuclear Rifle from the 60's. Yes, nuclear! One of those secret military weapons that thankfully failed to be accepted. [Found @ It's Knuttz]

Demonstrating the power of the new generation of video game consoles, ├╝ber gamer geek astrophysicist replaces supercomputer with 8 PlayStation 3s.

Compare comic book movie posters with their original comic book covers.

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Avery Gray said...

Geez! I was not expecting to see that! That is scary!!

Jod{i} said...

now that is what nightmares are truly made of....

Bonez said...

Hi Avery, thanks for visiting Bonez. I agree, it is pretty scary and it is a shame what Michael has done to himself. I think it is sort of funny that he "played" a monster in Thriller (probably at the height of his best physical appearance and talent) and now he's turned himself into a real one today.

Hi Jodi, Michael Jackson the stuff of nightmares? I think he's a tortured soul that has been molded by his own nightmares.

Anonymous said...

Funny :)
Check out this music blog that wrote some funny stuff on his new album.
And there's also a Chris Rock video where he's talking down on Jackson.

Bonez said...

Thanks for visiting Bonez, Ben, and for the kewlio links.