Monday, November 05, 2007

Al-Qaeda Karate Babes Cause Cubicle Freakout

These women actually appear to know what they are doing in their martial arts moves. Far superior to this laughable Indian movie fight scene with Mr. Super Macho Karate Dude or this over the top Bollywood scene of two women "fighting" over another karate guy. Woo hoo!

With the life-like quality of today's computer-generated graphics it becomes harder and harder to know what is real. Try your luck to pick the real from the fake photos here.

Cubicle FreakoutThose damn Al-Qaeda are targeting school children to carry out suicide attacks within the UK.

Vent your office frustrations with the thrilling and satisfying Cubicle Freakout and see just how far you can push before a total Cubicle Freakout takes over your character. [Cubicle Freakout created by Eyegas and found @ web zen]

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Jod{i} said...

okay so I am here to confess I played this game for a half hour while at does wonder for the virtual stress!

Bonez said...

Maybe I should have put a stronger warning on that one. It is indeed a time waster but so much fun when you hurl that damn computer through the window and into the parking lot. However, it usually isn't my computer I want to chunk out the window in my real life work environment...