Thursday, November 29, 2007

Anti-American or Pro World Peace?

America is a Tamil song that some will consider to be "anti-American". I see it as an anti-war and pro world peace song that is executed in a provocative, creative and entertaining manner. "America" is much more than just the United States ~ free geography and political science lesson of the day. It doesn't take a revolution to turn things around. It takes love, understanding, compassion and open honest communications... not bombs... to bring peace. Of course, we could always try duking it out on Dance Dance Revolution :) [Video found @ Shunya's Notes]

Would you believe that the events of September 11, 2001 began unfolding and forming as early as 1975? Visit the Complete 911 Timeline project at the Cooperative Research Commons and prepare for hours of fascinating and informative reading.

Scientists discover Fountain of Youth drug that mimics red wine resveratrol and fights the diseases of aging including cancer and diabetes.

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Lisa Wines said...

Brilliant video Tony - thanks so much.

And thanks for asking how we're doing. We are fine and I am trying to finish my novel and trying to understand the Internet config here at the new apartment and trying to figure out where we will live after dec 21. No problemo! I'll keep ya posted my friend. :-)

Bonez said...

Great to hear from you, OMyWord! and know that you and yours are safe from the riots that have been happening in France the last few days.