Sunday, November 18, 2007

Japanese Pencil Spinning


As if we needed more online time wasters, Burger King (yes, the King wants to play) oversees a bizarre site called Subservient Chicken. It is exactly what it says... a giant cross-dressing rooster (is that a garter belt he's wearing?) standing in the middle of a living room acting out your typed-in commands. Don't forget the demonic chicken mask you can download.

Big BreastsWhy are women's breasts getting bigger with each successive generation?

You definitely don't want to live in or visit America's most murderous and crime-ridden cities.

If you enjoy international or ethnic cuisine you may want to observe the chef's preparation of and indulge in eating the delicious deep-fried Guangzhou Rat Feast I found over at East Coast Life. M-m-m Good!

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