Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kegadoru Flying Fools & Futurama Returns

Bonez presents this video compilation of one of TV's greatest romances, Fry and Leela, in celebration of the return of Futurama with the release of the first Futurama movie Bender's Big Score. You can find more Futurama madness as the longest living Futurama fan site Futurama Madhouse.

A white robot that looks a little like E.T. and has soft flexible hands and dexterous fingers may help the elderly live more comfortably by 2015. That is unless the world ends in 2012.

Unbelievable craziness with base jumpers "flying" at over 100 miles per hour using what they call Mountain Wingsuits. Another video showing expert base jumper Dave Barlia flying from the hills of France will leave you gasping and your heart pounding. [Thanks Chris M.]

KegadoruKegadoru is translated as “injured idols” and is a strange fetish for scantily clad young women who dress up in bandages. “When you’re covered in bandages, everybody pays attention to you and worries about you. They also provide a chance to start talking to guys, who’ll ask you how you hurt yourself, so the bandages are really, really good,” says one lovely bandaged Kegadoru practitioner. Yeah, right... [Found @ Weird Asia News]

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EuroYank - Virginia Hoge said...

Excellent video and superbly done post. I am a trapped Bonez fan in bandages, and from the look of things you will eventually be as popular as me.

Bonez said...

Ah, don't feel trapped, EuroYank. Feel joyful and pampered with Bonez goodness oozing all over the blogosphere. The "injured idols" piece reminded me of an old perverse friend of mine who confided in me once that he got turned on by the thought of women in wheel chairs or female amputees... oops, maybe that is over sharing but I won't say his name just in case he decides I'm not as old a friend as I thought.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I love Futurama. The flying guys are crazy. Watched many of those Vids before.

do not understand the woman in bandage fetish.

Great post!

Bonez said...

The flying guys made my adrenaline rush just watching the video! But thing about it... you really get to fly... not being dropped out of an airplane but just dive off the nearest mountain and soar like the birds.

Futurama is the bomb and I am so glad it is coming back. I never understood why it was pulled after four seasons when it was obviously so popular. If you haven't had the chance you should also check out the Futurama graphic novels which would make great storyboards for other movies.

Hey, if you understood "the woman in bandage fetish" I would start having to worry about you more than I do, Blue. Although... I do find a bizarre attraction to the... (SLAP!self) um... er... never mind.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Hey, Thanks for worrying about me..I worry about you too and hope that all is well

Bonez said...

No need to worry about me, Blue. Everything is hunky dory here at the Bonez online fun palace.