Friday, November 02, 2007

Kill the Brain Stop the Zombie

Late for Halloween but still in time to potentially save a few brains, Bonez proudly presents the video Zombies in Plain English. You can find more helpful zombie survival tips at the Zombie Survival Wiki and be sure to tell them Bonez sent ya. [Video found @ OK Future]

Witness and be mesmerized by the human clock.

Adult fairytale girls posted at Funtasticus.

Monique ShinneryPersonally, I've always thought TV bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman was a piece of social low-life crud and another tarnished example of how low Americans have gone in their lust for "reality TV" shows that suck. His recent behavior proves what a bogus redneck idjit he really is with his foul and abusive mouth and attitudes. All his Christian BS talk went right out the door when dealing with his own life and son, Tucker Chapman and his girlfriend Monique Shinnery. Write this potty-mouthed bad boy off and bring on the next joke that's supposed to pass for entertainment and an American role model.

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E said...

I am a devotee of all things zombie, and in fact have read the Zombie Survival Guide multiple times. It's always fun to get strange looks from your waitress by asking how far the knives are from the kitchen entrance, where any back entrances are and how heavy the tables are, should they need to be flipped.

Bonez said...

One must always be on guard for the possible zombie infestation moving into their area. Only the ones who are prepared and aware will survive with their brains intact.

Saradevil said...

I can only agree with you about the Dawg thing. Talk about your low life bottom feeders.

Bonez said...

I have forbid his show to be viewed in my home since I first reviewed it and found it was primarily disgusting trailer park trash behavior and attitudes. The characters are delusional with their own self-worth and level of heroism and before the show would have been shunned by most upstanding folk as unfit to socialize with let alone emulate as a role model.