Friday, November 16, 2007

Orangina and Kyla Ebbert Exposed

This suggestive video reminds me of one of my dreams... well, we won't go there for now as it may be way TMI for some of you. Orangina - Naturellement Pulpeuse [Found @ Chaikaroma]

How can they call themselves civilized or even human whenever Saudi Arabs sentence a 19 year old gang rape victim to 200 lashes and six months in jail. Even their animals are treated better than their women! [Update: Saudis increase victim's sentence because of appeal to press.]

A new and deadly mutant cold bug worries the Center for Disease Control (CDC) experts that we may have a potential future pandemic on our hands.

Kyla EbbertDALLAS (AP) - Getting pulled off a Southwest Airlines flight has landed Kyla Ebbert on Playboy's web site. She's the 23-year-old college student whose tank top and miniskirt were thought to be too sexy for Southwest last summer. Now, Ebbert is wearing a lot less in an online spread titled, "Legs in the Air." Some of the pics show Ebbert in lingerie, others are nude. Ebbert tells the AP "they're very tastefully done." ~Bonez Sez, Right... "tastefully done"... isn't that what they all say when they want to sound classy or demure? Me thinks they be mighty tasty, indeed.

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Blank said...

Effing Saudis.

Bonez said...

Scarlet, I agree... Effing Saudis, indeed! As much as they like to attempt to portray themselves as civilized and peaceful and scientifically advanced they still treat their women as lesser property than their animals. The inhumanity of treating a rape victim thusly is inconceivable in the minds of most people with conscious. Unfortunately, most people visiting this specific post will never read the article or give a concern over the plight of women in Middle Eastern cultures.