Sunday, November 25, 2007

Please Taser Richard Roberts

Remember, these idjits are the type of arrogant and macho law enforcement officers we have on our streets "protecting" us every day. And the flippant way they talk about it as "riding the lightning" is even more offensive.

Another Christian charlatan is exposed and busted with Richard Roberts resigning from Oral Roberts University presidency after swindling millions from the gullible faithful who financed the school. The Roberts family have lived a lavish and obsessive billionaire lifestyle for many years. Like father like son since Daddy taught him everything he knows about managing the "ministry". Wonder when the sexual scandals will resurface that have been long rumored about Richard and his wife Lindsay and her romps with underage boys.

This video of Utah highway patrol Tasering a man in front of his family is nauseating. The issue should receive even higher attention after the recent incident of a man who died after being Tasered in the Vancouver airport also caught on a mobile phone video.

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(S)wine said...

da poh-lice has never done anything good for me.

Bonez said...

I heard that. The cops get scarier and scarier in the Atlanta area, too. It seems most of them are on some sort of supreme ego trip and forget they are supposed to be public servants paid by our taxes and not our overlords. I used to be a cop myself and struggled then with the cowboys and loose cannons but now it seems to be more the norm than the exception. A pity that such a position has been diluted to be the team of thugs instead of the protectors they were meant to be.

The Naked Madhatter said...

What would have happen if instead of the taser the cop only had his real gun to negociate with that poor man?

Bonez said...

Believe it or not, Naked Madhatter, things might have been better. You see, Taser is considered non-lethal force and thus it is more readily used instead of using negotiations skills or tact. Sort of like the old nightstick used to be. In other words, people are more likely to be beaten with a nightstick or Tasered than they are to be shot... because the cop realizes that shooting could be more final and that is a last resort. That is the point of the post. Tasering is used more and more instead of sincerely trying to work through a situation.