Friday, November 23, 2007

Saudi Arabia in the Business of Death

GOOD Magazine: Business of Death

Over 40% of the foreign terrorist fighters in Iraq are Saudis. Not only were the Saudis instrumental in pushing the U.S. into the "war on terror" on that horrible day of September 11, 2001, but they continue to kill U.S. troops while claiming to be friends and allies. How can the U.S. continue to pour money, attention and lives on such a backstabbing people? It's called oil and until the U.S. has the gonads to free themselves from its grip we will remain the trembling slaves to a cruel and ruthless master called Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Steveland Judkins, Gordon Sumner, Larry Zieger, Ehrich Weiss, Terry Bollette, Caryn Johnson, Vincent Furnier, and Gregory Lenoir. They are all celebrities' real names.

Donato GiancolaView the gallery of beautifully detailed sci fi and fantasy artwork of uber-talented artist Donato Giancola. Be sure to also experience the interactive pages explaining the technique used by Giancola in his creations.

Revel in the scrumptious mouth fest known as Smushi - traditional Danish smørrebrød with a contemporary sushi twist. This has given me some great ideas for my own versions of Smushi. [Found @ Core77]

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Lisa Wines said...

I have Bonez in my feedreader so I didn't know it was you at first. I was saying, boy, who has all this cool info. :-)

It's been waaaaay too long since I posted my friend. I am trying to get settled here. Still shuffling between hotels. We have an apartment starting Monday and ending Dec 21. But at least it's roomy and we can settle and find something more permanent. I'll write soon, I promise.

Meanwhile...there were 11 Iranians on that list of 700 foreign fighters in Iraq. 11. We need to bomb the shit out of them for that, dontcha think?

xoxoxoxo to you Tony and all the Bonex crew.

Bonez said...

You are sorely missed, OhMyWord! and all the Bonez Crew looks forward to your grand return to our pages. Of course, many of the Bonez Crew have taken temporary leave (not only of their senses) for the Holidays and Daddy Bonez (a.k.a. Moi) is doing his best to hold down the fort while everyone else luxuriates on the beach and eats turkey.

You will appreciate one of the videos I will be posting in the next few days with a whole new (read Foreign) perspective on the U.S. or our propensity to bomb the shit out of whatever offends us or stands in our way of world domination and the quest for unlimited oil.