Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Why is My Girlfriend Mad?

The funny viral video Matrix Ping Pong used Kuroko (the players in black) to make modernized Bunraku (puppet theater). Today's video selection adds more layers of complexity and humor and is called Why is My Girlfriend Mad?. [Found @ Japan Sugoi]

If you've been staying awake all night trying to decide which celeb fems have the best boob jobs Bonez brings you insomnia relief. Sleep better tonight after viewing Listaholic's Ten Hottest Celebrity Boob Jobs.

OMG!Ever say, "Wish I had taken a picture of that!" or "That would have made a great shot!"? For those frustrated photogs amongst us, here are some pictures that were taken at just the right moment. [Found @ Sawse - Stir It Up!]

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Anonymous said...

That was HOT! I saw that one and the Matrix Ping Pong one. You know I had to send it to most of my friends on Myspace. I sent it in a link to you website. Heh, that's the least I could do for being introduced to such masterful choreography.

Ask Trew Life

Bonez said...

Thanks, Trew Life, for visiting Bonez and for helping spread the word about the antics of the Bonez Crew. I like hearing the audience oooo and ahhhh whenever the kuroko create some of the effects. Now THAT'S entertainment :)