Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blondie Doors Mashup Godzilla Attacks Ron Paul & IRS

The Doors with Jim Morrison (with whom I share my birthday) and Debbie Harry from her Blondie days (who is still a frakkin' smokin' Hottie at age 62) mix it up with Rapture and Riders on the Storm. Here is another version of the mix with additional eye candy footage of Ms. Harry. Lookin' good, Debbie!

We can all sleep better at night knowing the Japanese Army would be able to deal with Godzilla. Problem is what if Godzilla or one of his cronies attacks anywhere outside of Japan? We're totally screwed!

Fair TaxSpeaking of totally screwed. Hop over to the Americans For Fair Taxation: and play with the Fair Tax Calculator to see just how much more money you would have if the Fair Tax is implemented and the IRS and the current tax systems are scrapped.

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