Sunday, December 30, 2007

How to Travel Through Time

According to Ronald W. Francis of Las Vegas, Nevada, Time Travel is real and it is for sale on eBay. That's right, for a mere ten million dollars the secrets to time travel can be yours. Reading the eBay posting is a gem of a paranoid delusional's dream in and of itself.

Some researchers claim that time is literally running out and will finally come to a standstill. This theory also opens up the likelihood of alternate dimensions.

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Blank said...

I can't say I believe the story in the video, but I can say it's a cool story either way.

Hey, notice in the time travel project for sale on eBay, you wouldn't have to make any payments on the 10 mil for 3 months. ;)

Bonez said...

Believe me, Scarlet, I've been tempted to throw in my bid but I'm afraid I will end up trapped in the freakin' past or something and that would piss me off.