Thursday, December 06, 2007

Italian Spiderman and Darwin in Hot Pants

Italian Spiderman created by Alrugo Entertainment as a hilarious homage to the cheap and sleazy exploitation grindhouse type movies of the 70's.

The legendary hot pants is another lost icon love of the 70's. Just a Girl in Short Shorts Talking About Whatever educates us on the finer historical details of the the beloved hot pants in her post A Short Herstory of Hot Pants.

Angel VS DarwinCan one believe in the existence of God and still support the concept of evolution? Reverend Michael Dowd is preaching the message: Evolution is real and science points to the existence of God. This "new" mindset is known as evolutionary theology and has endorsements from five Nobel laureates and dozens of religious leaders. Is the war between religion and science at a new juncture? I never understood why the two schools of thought had to be considered in contention with each other in the first place. I suppose narrow minded people cannot see them coexisting.

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Unknown said...

If you take a serious look at the atheist "movement/agenda" (It's a terribly lame choice of words), the loudest, most visible, and most outspoken voices (Dawkins and Harris spring to mind) reserve their vitriol for the manifestation of non-secular authority in the public sphere, especially the establishment of laws which have no secular justification (anti-gay marriage proposals being a single example).
It is easy to oversimplify their position in order to marginalize them and reduce their public reputations down to the level of the partisan hacks that dominate cable news and talk-radio. It's easy because Americans, statistically, find atheists less trustworthy than any other minority group. Atheists have a tough, uphill battle ahead of them.
It's not about Red vs Blue, and it's not about Left vs Right. The distinction to be made here is that secularists are not merely advocates (though indeed some are) for specific policies which they politically support.
They are not so concerned about the "how," with respect to governance and public policy, but rather "why" these policies are advanced. There are significant populations of people who self-identify as atheist and are zealously pro-life. They don't have to reach for the Good Book to articulate their opinion that abortion is murder.
Creationism and Intelligent Design are banished from science classrooms because they do not and could not articulate any substantial secular reason for advancing (a literal reading of) Genesis as an explanation for how or why the universe exists and why we exist in it. That can of worms is best left to a philosophy and religious studies curriculum (and, of course, personal study and increasing biblical literacy).
That's not to say that there are no frothing-at-the-mouth anti-religious atheists (some of whom cry out, "Fascism!" without a hint of irony, and a fervor that might be typified as Bolshevistic.
Fortunately, this is an exceedingly small minority of a group that just want to buy alcohol on Sunday and not live in a society where sinning in and of itself is prohibited (there does seem to be a logical disconnect as the bible tells us that only Christ could walk the Earth free from sin, rendering every person a criminal and subject to punishment on Earth before they can be judged by God).
On the other hand, the vast majority of Christians I know would join atheists to save government of the people, by the people, and for the people from the bonds of a theocratic revolution.
Okay, wow, that was much longer than I had intended. The bottom line? A bona fide attempt at shaping behavior via legislation in a country as diverse as the U.S. (and most Western societies) requires that the laws are justified on more than something we pulled out of a book, even if it is the Good Book.

Bonez said...

Excellent comment, Chris. Thank you for visiting Bonez and gracing us with your thoughts. Very well expressed and yes, you are indeed correct. We (as a Nation) cannot allow ourselves to be even construed or perceived as a theocratic society... primarily because we are not one.

Anytime you want to stop by and contribute please let me or any of the Bonez Crew know.