Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Man-Made Monsters

Video is Terminus. "Terminus's innovative visual effects and distinctively vintage atmosphere make it a highly engrossing experience."

Keeping on with the theme of animation today, here is the 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library. Watch all your favorite and non-fave movies spoofed and re-enacted in thirty seconds by a bunch of crazy rabbits.

Never having enough reading materials is less of an excuse with the Seventeen ways to get free books -- paper and ebook formats. [Found @ Frugal Panda]

Joan Van ArkHalloween is never over for plastic surgery gone wrong victims like the once beautiful Joan Van Arc. The Knots Landing star has turned into a plastic surgery horror freak.

German inventor creates spray-on condoms. There's something really bizarre and wrong about that.

Does Ethiopia harbor the Lost Ark of the Covenant? If so, Indiana Jones will be pissed.

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