Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rapid Human Evolution or Crocodile Food?

Two intrepid space venturers travel through time to a lost land before time and party down.

Let your opinion be counted. Join up with PollingPoint today and start earning credits for prizes by participating in interesting polls that could assist in charting the course of human history.

Death goes digital with electronic tombstones. Wonder if I can have Halo 3 and couple of controllers put on mine.

If you thought mankind has progressed a long ways from the days of the Cromagnum man the what do you think about the new evidence that humans are evolving at faster rate than scientists first thought?

Crocodile with Arm in MouthYahoo! most e-mailed photo of 2007 is the crocodile that bit off the arm of the zoo veterinarian in Taiwan. See the rest of the top 50 e-mailed Yahoo! photos. [Found @ Awesomeology]

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Unknown said...

I can't believe I watched the whole thing...must have been the spear-wielding scantily clad space being...

BTW...is that a someone's hand in a crocs mouth...

Bonez said...

Hi JollyJo,
Yes, that IS a forearm of a zoo veterinarian in the croc's mouth... for real. It was the number one downloaded picture for 2007 (so far) for Yahoo!. Personally, I thought the selection of pictures that were the most e-mailed sucked compared to the Reuters selections (maybe a later Bonez entry).

Yes, the cave girl did add quite a bit of interest to the comedic performance of the video :) Not that we at Bonez would stoop to people's basest instincts of desiring instant visual sexual gratification in order to attract readers.

Saradevil said...

I don't understand how the randomizer would actually help you defeat a space squid. I could understand how a scantly clad barbarian would, but not a randomizer.

Bonez said...

I wasn't sure, either, Sara. It would seem the space squid would also be transported through time randomly along with the craft and our heroes. And how would a scantily clad barbarian woman defeat a giant space squid?