Monday, December 03, 2007

Robot Love Breast Therapy

Music video is Oxymoronatron's single "21st Century Robot Love".

U.S. Intelligence report says Iran stopped nuclear weapons program in 2003. Then why the hell is the Bush cronies spreading more misinformation to deceive the U.S. citizens into believing there is an immediate national security threat from Iran?

Tony shambled about in an apparent zombiefied state and was overheard muttering, "There are ten reasons I would marry a robot". Suddenly, as if jolted awake from a deep trance, Tony exclaimed, "Robots are our friends!"

Scarlett Johansson BreastsIntense debate rages in the scientific community about the truth behind the theory that oggling women's breasts ten minutes a day will extend a man's life by at least five years. Dang it! Proven "false" by Snopes but Bonez experts quickly add a wise caveat that it can't hurt and the quality of a man's life is still greatly improved even if not extended.

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EuroYank - Virginia Hoge said...

Great Posts Bones! I always thought that sex and politics were related because somebody always gets F'd. (not a 4 letter word so its safe to print)

Bonez said...

We at Bonez are not beyond four letter words when it comes to discussing politics, EuroYank. I agree, there are no good choices any longer and the two party system sucks the life out of a true democratic process.

EuroYank - Virginia Hoge said...

Bones I really do enjoy these blog to blog chats. And your blog looks especially good, and so do you for that matter, when you agree with me!

Bonez said...

Hey, you don't know what I look like! Do you? Don't creep me out, EY! Besides, it isn't hard to agree with the truth, is it?

(S)wine said...

amen on the politics front.

Bonez said...

Hiya (S)wine. I heard some more disturbing evidence this morning that the Bush Regime is drawing closer to establishing itself as a dictatorship. I personally find this a bit far-fetched and not likely but stranger things have happened in history. I would like to entertain some posts on Bonez about all of this to educate Bonez visitors to the truth of U.S. and World politics. Any takers out there?