Thursday, December 13, 2007

Triumph of the Will over Strippers in the Restroom

Adolf Hitler's propaganda movie masterpiece, Triumph of the Will (German: Triumph des Willens) is presented complete with English subtitles. Historically fascinating. [Found @ EuroYank]

I've peed on a fly in Schiphol airport in Amsterdam but haven't seen any of these other funny urinals around the world. [Found @ 2Spare.Com]

Speaking of restroom facilities, I always thought it funny or at least interesting how restrooms are portrayed in video games. Ever since I discovered that Duke Nukem could be seen in the mirrors and flush toilets and turn on the water in sinks I have rushed to the bathroom in any similar video game to see what's going on. That's why I found Maxim's slideshow of The 12 Greatest Video Game Toilets of All Time so informative and satisfying.

60's StripperMost Bonez readers won't need schooling on proper behavior in a strip club, being the sophisticated globetrotting cosmopolitans we are. However, I do know there are a few who will greatly benefit from reading up on DoubleViking's Guide to Gentleman's Club Etiquette. Hint: Bring lots of money (preferably ones and fives) and come to the realization you are not going to get laid!

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EuroYank - Virginia Hoge said...

Excellent post Bones, and thanks for the plug. Will reciprocate!

Bonez said...

Thanks for the support, EuroYank.

E said...

Ha ha ha. I love turning on sinks in games and then leaving them on. I usually start yelling about how I'm wasting their water and their bill will get very high. Mwa ha ha!

On a side note, did you happen to see the trailer for Duke Nukem Forever today? First trailer in 6 years.

Bonez said...

I thought Duke Nukem Forever was forever canned. No, I have not seen the trailer so point me in the right direction. In fact, this sounds like a breaking Bonez nooz story to me.