Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ignorant Americans

Queen Elizabeth gets her game on with Prince William's Wii. Now that may sound squeamishly strange but not as bizarre as the comedic mental image I get of the starched and stoic Queen rolling a strike between the Welsh Corgis.

Diana author Andrew Morton names Tom Cruise as 'World Number Two in Scientology'. Of course, Morton also claims that Suri is a Rosemary's Baby born of the frozen seed of L. Ron Hubbard and not Tom's at all. This is one the Scientology lawyers will have fun with.

Two teenie bopper girls capture amazing image of the Virgin Mary on digital camera. Giggling girls interviewed in a video backstory.

Even Strong Bad has to clean up his act and hop on the enviro-friendly train. This guy cracks me up.

Some people have accused me of being obsessed with or addicted to blogging. In fact, they like to insinuate that I would probably be blogging on my death bed. They're probably right about that. In fact, that would be a great time to blog!

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Anonymous said...

we're doomed.

Bonez said...

No shit! And to think many of these are considered to be fairly intelligent people... by their family, friends and peers. I almost wish it had been scripted but it wasn't.

Anonymous said...

country that starts with U: Utopia!

Bonez said...

~Swine, I am far from being a political "debater" or intellectual but these folks are mental midgets in comparison. What scares me is that I think these people DO represent a majority of U.S. citizens and their ignorance of current affairs, world events, geography, etc. How can they make informed voting decisions? They can't! That's why I get so frustrated talking to some people who vote strictly based on what they "feel" versus what they know to be true. It is such behavior that landed us (twice!) with such a loser tyrant like George W. Bush. And nothing "infuriates" me more than to hear how much worse this country would have been if "the other guy" had won the election and had been president when 9/11 happened. That's why I like the idea of Robert Heinlein that no one should be allowed to vote or hold public office unless they have served their country in the military and "earned" the right of citizenship.