Saturday, January 05, 2008

Kung Fu Killers and Political Madmen

Kung Fu Killers produced by National Geographic. Why? Just because I love martial arts and am also a medical science geek so this video is a double viewing pleasure for me. Hope you enjoy and learn something of interest here at Bonez.

Uncle SamRudy Giuliani's latest campaign ad steps up his approach of using terror as his campaign platform. Between Giuliani and Mike Huckabee (the evil George Dubya Bush clone) the Republicans are saddling us with another batch of madmen bent on world domination, control of global oil resources, and furthering the rest of the neocon dark agenda. Citizens of the U.S. are tired of the loss of freedoms, mishandling of authority, trampling of the Constitution and the constant fear propaganda being pounded into them about the next possible terror moment that will kill us all. These men are not the saviors of the world but are power mongeringDeath Dance ego maniacs who don't give a crap about the people they are supposed to serve. They strive to usher in the New World Order in which they will be the glorious and uncontested rulers and ultimate beneficiaries. It seems that the bloody body count of 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq has replaced proven leadership and conventional wisdom as the highest qualifying factor for Republican presidential candidates. So Giuliani continues to ride the coattails of the grim reaper and the boogie man called terrorism in twisted hopes that the ride takes him all the way to the White House. Not on my vote it won't!

What appears to be a first for the comic book world, a FREE complete online version of North Wind number One was released the same day it hit the newsstands and stores. Hopefully, this will be a new trend in comics.

Mario Brothers meets Doom in this fan creation of the first level of Super Mario Bros with the Doom game engine.

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