Monday, January 14, 2008

National Real ID Real Bad for You

Bush Saves U.S.
The United States gets scarier every time I read or watch the news. I don't mean the government filtered, sanitized, sensationalized, desensitized crap most U.S. citizens have the privilege of soaking in from their living room recliners and couches. I'm talking in your face wake up and smell the coffee real news from around the globe and various points of view that aren't all controlled by the "powers that be". Granted, it takes time and effort to glean the truth from so many resources and most U.S. citizens will not get off their lazy intellectual asses to do so. This means said citizens blindly accept their submissive sheep status and remain dazed and confused and numb to the real world around them. How else can you explain such things as a president like George W. Bush being in office... for TWO TERMS! How can one comprehend the surrendering of rights and freedoms from fear and in hopes of being protected from the very outside world they refuse to learn about and understand? Such tools of the political devil (or the Anti-Christ and Beast themselves according to many evangelical fundamentalist Christians) as the National Real ID RFID card/chip? The government spin doctors are trying to tell us that 80 percent of our fellow citizens want such privacy invasive controls. I don't know any of those 80 percent and I doubt many, if any, of you readers do either. Any one who thinks the Real ID is a good idea hasn't tried thinking for themselves long enough to weigh the pros and cons of such a Big Brother tactic. It will NOT make anyone safer and it will drastically increase identity theft.Nazi Bush It all smacks of an almost Nazi mentality and I can see our law enforcement officials demanding to see our "papers" like in those old World War 2 movies... "Papers, please," says the young blond SS Officer with a sarcastic smile barely visible on his thin pale lips.

Lending more credence to the apocalyptic fears of previously mentioned "Christians" are the rumors that secret plans are well underway to implement micro chipping babies at birth to record every move into Big Brother's massive databanks and to ultimately remote control all "citizens"... if necessary. "Anything to keep us safe," bleat the citizen sheep.

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CW FISHER said...

Go Tony. Right on the money. RealID describes the Super Id that Freud talked about. We would become one, and anyone who's different would pop up under the sheet. This is great incentive to stop living freely and try to act normal for the sake of survival. Unfair. Wrong. Satanic. Pure evil. They can chip my dead body.

Bonez said...

I've been thinking about this a lot. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I keep hearing the voices in my head of the old Christian fundamentalist evangelical teachings I had pounded into me in my formative years saying that if I succumb and take the Mark of the Beast then I will be eternally damned and have no chance to live in Heaven.

I also find it ironic that George W. Bush, who claims to be such a Christian that God speaks to him personally about his decisions, would set in motion items that are so anti-Christian in nature. Selling out his own people with the NAFTA Super Highway and the NAU. Killing thousands of his own country's young people in a war he lied about to get us in. Killing hundreds of thousands of Afghani and Iraqi civilians (won't include the unknown tens of thousands of military and "insurgents"). Stealing the liberties and rights of the very people he was "elected" to SERVE. And ... well, too many obvious contradictions to the basic Christian belief system to even list in a comment forum.

George W. Bush is probably listening to the voice of a god but I have my doubts as to which one he's taking advice from.

CW FISHER said...

The mark of the beast! Amen, brother. That's what the chip is.

Your second paragraph would make a good post.

Love ya, Tony. My how you've grown! SO good to see you be successful!


Bonez said...

The Mark of the Beast possibilities cause trauma for many people even if they are too embarrassed to admit it. Of course, "The Beast" wants it that way... embarrassed sheep too afraid to fight back and doubting their own thoughts and beliefs.

I don't see this situation as out of our control and that's the frustrating part for me. I think most people are either 1. too ignorant of the ramifications to raise a protest or 2. too wrapped up in believing the bullshit handed them by the current regime or 3. too lazy to research and find out what the Real ID means for them, their family, their lives their futures and their country or 4. too damn apathetic and just don't give two craps about anything... like lambs to the slaughter. Maybe it is some of all of the above.

We the people CAN take back our country... at least until the troops are in our own streets removing the last remnants of our civil liberties and rightful freedoms.