Tuesday, January 15, 2008

U.S. Worships at the Alter of the God of Oil

Bush OilGeorge Dubya Bush crawled at the Saudi king's feet and begged for more and cheaper oil. The U.S. dependence on Saudi and other foreign oil fuels the very despots and terrorists Bush claims we are at war with. Bush exacerbates the situation by refusing to release any of the emergency oil reserves to temporarily ease the fictitious crisis. The national security consequences of the U.S. oil gluttony is a far greater threat to our peace and safety than any terrorist bomb. Global oil supplies are projected to remain tight through 2008 as demand continues to skyrocket and China continues their quest for oil to power their burgeoning industrial growth. Currently the second largest consumer of oil, China will soon surpass even the U.S. in oil consumption and thus become an even greater adversarial competitor for the limited and potentially dwindling global oil supplies. There are ways we can help reduce our dependence on foreign oil but most of them are mere drops in the barrel of oil and possibly too little too late.

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