Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Believe In Bugs

Firstly and Foremostly, I am grateful to Bart Bull for bringing this delightful little ditty and the delightful man who created it, to my perpetually deteriorating attention span.

Nextly, and definitely not of lesser or perhaps mincing importance, I am grateful to the Little Hits blog, from whence came the following introduction to a man named Ivor Cutler (official website, run by Ivor's family. Here's Ivor Cutler's Wikipedia page.). If you go over to Little Hits right now, you will probably get lost, and we shall miss you. So, finish reading this blog post, and then go over to Little Hits. Report back on any unusual sightings.

Meanwhile, please indulge yourself with a listen to Ivor Cutler's I Believe In Bugs (mp3).

Then, go to the Little Hits post about Ivor, read the post, but of the mostly mostest importance, please read the comment below the post entitled MEETING IVOR CUTLER, by James Yates. It is one of the most inspiring and uplifting stories I've read in months and months and days and days.

According to Ivor's website, the BBC is supposed to be broadcasting the 'King Cutler' series, but I'm having trouble finding it. Here's the BBC's John Peel page, with a listing of his shows that featured Ivor, but none of them seem to be available for listening. But I DID find a website that offers Peel's 1969 session with Ivor Cutler in mp3, and of course, the first one I listened to started out, "Why don't a woman love a woman? Why don't a man love a man? ..." He continues on, saying "because when a woman loves a man, it's trouble, trouble, trouble all the time." As Peel says in the end, Amen.

You can order Ivor's recordings from his family's record label, Hoorgi House Records. Here's's Ivor Cutler search page.

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