Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Like a lolgin. Loled for the very first time.

Engage me in an online discussion for any length of time and you will find that I tend to adhere to the rules of punctuation and grammar. I'm not keen on using acronyms, internet slang or anything else of the sort unless it is being done in an ironic fashion. In fact, I pride myself in the fact that I have never used the term "lol". Until last night.

Last night I received a text message from Bonez that made me rather unexpectedly burst into spontaneous laughter. Being that our avenue of communication was SMS messages, I lacked a method for explaining that the message had birthed a much grander response than was likely assumed. As a result, the only reply I could give that would convey the unexpected outburst was "lol".

Now, I'm a lolgin. As I said before, I pride myself on not loling for anybody or anything. I am, however, a whore for emoticons. I keep an entire arsenal up my sleeve. In fact, my preferred program for chatting is Yahoo Messenger, ONLY because of the large number of available and well animated smileys. A good laugh via Yahoo will be displayed in any number of ways from me.

A giggle - ;))
That was silly - :P
I'm gasping for air - =))
Groan - 8-|

All of these emoticons as well as a host of others keep me contented and able to express my humor satisfaction levels with ease. As a result, I have been lolbstinent all these years. I knew I would eventually give my lol to the right person, but the timing had to be right.

To be honest, I've never even really loled on my own, just to practice. (I've heard it makes you go blind.) Loling should only be done at the right time with the right person.

And lucky for Bonez, last night was the night.

Lacking any method for expressing my unexpected laughter, I replied with the only thing that one could say in that situation - "lol".

Don't go thinking just because I've burst my lol cherry that I'm going to become some sort of slolut. I've no intention of that. She'll be tucked back into my unused vernacular and won't see the light of day for many years.

In fact, I ultimately intend to reclaim my lolginity. I've heard if you don't lol for a long time, you pretty much revert to what you were like before your first lol. I'll have to see if it's true. I'll tell you in ten or so years when I lol for the second time.

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GeologyJoe said...

I just LOLd in my pants.

E said...

I would say something cute along those lines, but I'm done using "that phrase" for now. :)