Tuesday, February 05, 2008

May the Farce be with You Always

This secret Pastafarian video was bought through the sacrificial blood of many brave ninjas and the ever resourceful Boing Boing. Strangely reminiscent of recent Anonymous and bizarre cult messiah videos making the rounds on the net and mentioned previously on Bonez.

I am so anxious to see the Iron Man movie. It was always my most favorite comic book and it appears that the talented Robert Downey, Jr. is going to treat the character to the respect it deserves. The video game looks awesome, too.

Only in Florida... well, unfortunately, that's not true, either. However, I'm not surprised a Florida Meth Ho seat belted her case of booze in the front seat and left her sixteen month old baby bouncing around in the backseat while she drove drunk.

Jesus is the ForceSometimes spiritual revelation can come in the most unexpected of messages. Take, for instance the simple but provocative thought, "The Force is a Tool of Satan. Jesus is the Force." Doesn't that just clear the whole thing up for you and make you want to forsake Star Wars and denounce Yoda as your personal Jedi Master?

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E said...

Yarrr. You know you have at least one pastafarian on your staff, right? ;)

Bonez said...

I would much rather have Pastafarians on staff than I would some other sects. But I thought we had more genuine Slackmeisters of the sub-genius variety...

GeologyJoe said...

As one to always point out the obvious the two slogans got me to think.

Force =Tool of Satan

Jesus = Force


Jesus = Tool of Satan

im confused.

Bonez said...

You must be a tool of satan yourself, Joe or it would be quite obvious the revealed mystery behind the words. Repent of your droid worship and refrain from indulging in the porn of Star Wars that will steal your very soul! The Force is a Tool of Satan! Jesus is the Force! Burn your Star Wars Remastered Gold Edition DVDs and shred that obscene R2-Demon-2 poster you've got over your bed. There ain't no half steppin' with Jesus, my Man! Get on your knees and beg for mercy and pray that your sorry ass soul will be spared when the great accounting comes and those who have dabbled in the dark side of the Force shall be thrown into the lake of fire and there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Amen and Amen, pass the potatoes, Hallelujah!

GeologyJoe said...

Preach the word Brother Tony!