Saturday, February 09, 2008

Que Hora Es?

The Mexican soap opera for people who only have 3 weeks of Spanish in the 4th grade.

Que Hora Es? Part I

Que Hora Es? Part II


CW FISHER said...

HILARious! I understood every word, except for the guy with the patch.

I would not be surprised if you could make a beginner's Spanish soap opera -- for real -- with subtitles, that would be muy successful. Mix English, Spanish and Spanglish, everyone speaks very slowly... it could be a hit. Especially if you added a cooking aspect...

Lisa Wines said...

No lo creo! Tengo una sonrisa grandissima! Pero (no es "dog", es "but"), mis dentes son muy soucias, entonces (no es "tonsils", es "therefore"), necesito limpiar las inmediatemente, verdad?

I'm auditioning. I want to be on that show sooo bad. All of the above was done without using bablefish. Or my brain. Just my fingers.

What am I doing in France? QUE HORA ES??!!

Marloes said...

@cw Fisher, to tell you the truth, I dont speak Spanish. In German it would be a piece of Schwarzwalder..:)

@omyword, we could do a mixed double. You in Dutch, me in French, that would be hilarious...:)

CW FISHER said...

Omyword, mi casa es tu casa! Uh, donde esta su casa? En France, si? Paris, no? Magnifico! Esta mucho frio en Chicago. Brrrr.

Marloes, to be honest, I don't speak Spanish either--ask omyword--(I was calling her "omygod" last week--my English ain't so hot either), pero yo soy muy triste because I want to learn.

You see how I'm reduced to overusing muy? Hay muchos muchos muy, y tambien muy muy muchos. Es verdad. No bien. Todo el mundo sabiendo.

I have no idea what I just wrote, but I'm sticking to it.

Lisa Wines said...

C-Dubs - you can call me God anytime you like. And I have a condo for sale in Arizona if you want to escape Chicago. Just go to my blog and click on the link in the right frame under " my condo?" :-) Meanwhile, I'm in Paris, loving it here!