Sunday, March 09, 2008

America's Got Talent....Redux

Okay, I've got to admit, I really wasn't expecting the kind of traffic we've been getting for my America's Got Talent post. I know that some of you are finding your way here because of a link on NBC's official forums for America's Got Talent. You came looking for an honest dissertation on the contestants of the day and who won and lost. Instead, you got one of my snarky and self-centered rants against the American populous. In the spirit of fairness, I have decided to give you the complete stats here, as I know that's what drew many of you here. I only hope that we can continue to keep you here to gnaw the meat from the various Bonez to be found in the pile.

Onto the stats:

Everything posted here is from the second taping in Atlanta, GA on February 27. (NOT the Dallas taping, as the original forum post might lead you to believe.) I have included names where I could and whatever details I could recall based on the notes I took.

1) Beverly "Guitar" Watkins and her band, made up of three of her sons. I know that they played a Ray Charles song, I want to say it's "What'd I Say", but don't quote me on that. The crowd loved them and they moved forward to Vegas.

2) The next act was a large group of women performing traditional African percussion and dancing. They were very upbeat and friendly and were accepted for Vegas, though they were given a warning that their act would require "more" in order for them to succeed. Singing was suggested.

3) Three women with retired service dogs that were to dance together. The women were dressed in cowgirl outfits and the dogs essentially stayed at their side looking for treats. They did not get to move on. One of the dogs is from my home town. :)

4) A gentleman named Ken. (I missed his last name.) He was playing a self-constructed instrument he called a "Hockey Racket" that contained a hockey stick, tennis racket and various other odds and ends that made a very odd sound. He did not progress.

5) A zombie clogging troupe that clogged to Thriller by Michael Jackson. They did not make it through as the judges felt that clogging had already been represented by an act from a previous taping and that their act lacked originality.

6) Next up was a 5-time national champion female impersonator. His character for the show was Dionne Warwick. He looked very convincing but his entire act consisted of lip-synching. He did not move up.

7) Brian Tierney and Jerry. They were a ventriloquist act. They did not advance as the judges felt that the previous year's winner (a ventriloquist, I'm led to assume) so excelled in his art that everybody else came up flat.

8) Erin and Alexis Jones, a sister team from Louisiana. They made note of how much their grandmother admired David Hasselhoff. The audience was rather displeased with their performance of "Killing Me Softly" and they were ultimately "buzzed" by all three judges. They were given a rather harsh critique of their performance, after which they noted that their grandmother, who had so loved Hoff, was in fact dead.

9) Michelle and Melanie, twins performing a clogging routine. Mentioned a now dead cat of theirs that had been named for Jerry Springer. They were very quickly buzzed by all three judges.

10) The Marching Abominables. This was a very large troupe (77 members) of colorfully dressed people, from young to old performing a marching band routine with baton twirlers and full regalia. Their costumes looked like Elton John teamed up with Sid and Marty Krofft to design Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. They did not move up, but were very upbeat and took it all in stride.

11) K-9. A rapper also known as "Man's Best Friend". Buzzed out by all of the judges rather quickly.

12) "The Puppet People", a puppet troupe of singing and instrument playing puppets. Featured were a generic diva, Ray Charles, and Willie Nelson. They were enthusiastically received and were nominated for Vegas. They mentioned that they have a total of 27 different puppets already made.

13) Alistair McQueen. He was dressed up like a nerd and performed a burlesque/striptease act. He was not enthusiastically received by the judges and made a disparaging remark to the Hoff about eating cheeseburgers off the floor. Hoff was not amused.

14) Ken Panse with "Hummer the soccer gator". A local reptile wrangler that was attempting have an alligator hit a soccer ball into a net with its tail. This was unsuccessful, possibly due to the low temperatures on the stage. A gracious contestant even after being buzzed by all three judges.

15) Michelle Wallace singing "All By Myself" by Celine Dion. Almost immediately buzzed by all three judges and harshly rebuked for her lack of talent.

16) An impersonator whose name I did not catch. Although he finished his act and was decently liked by the audience, the judges did not advance him. He was very gracious about accepting his defeat.

17) Buddy and Honey, a local comedy duo. They were not very well received by the judges, but they readily admitted that their material was usually a bit more mature than what was permissible on network tv. They had been an act for 6 years and dating for 12. They stated that if they won, they'd get married.

18) Veronica and Talulah, performing a burlesque routine. Not well received. Sharon made note of the fact that she is friends with Dita von Teese, and that the girls just weren't up to snuff for that kind of entertainment. The girls countered that they were asked to change their routine on fairly short notice. They did not advance.

19) Taylor Daniel, a 15-year-old singing Frank Sinatra. (I believe it was Come Fly With Me, again, I'm sorry if incorrect.) He was well received by the crowd and Piers and Hoff said yes. Sharon was on the fence about whether or not she'd let him through, mostly because of his age and inexperience. In order to ensure a good commercial break, they had him leave and come back later for the decision. He was ultimately accepted, due in large part to the audience reaction.

20) A 48-year-old woman whose name I did not note. She performed a song and dance number and was buzzed by all the judges.

21) Daniel Burton, performing a dance routine. Although he did not advance, he was told that he was quite capable of making a good living as a background dancer.

So there you have it, folks, 21 acts performed and 4 moved on to Vegas.

Disregard the title of my previous post, apparently 19% of America's "Got Talent".

If you happened here because of the link from NBC, please stick around a bit and sample our wares. Most of us don't bite.


Anonymous said...

AMERICA'S GOT TALENT Season Premeire on June 17th, 9/8c

This year I hear are gonna have wilder and talented individuals of all ages. Who do you think will be the oldest contestant? Lets take a poll.

E said...

Beverly Watkins was 68. I'll keep my money on her, though I don't know jack about any other cities' contestants.

Anonymous said...

what about the youngest contestants?! Don't forget about those...that's equally impressive to me!

E said...

For my taping that would be Taylor. He was 15 and made it to Vegas, so we'll have to see what happens with him throughout the show.

Anonymous said...

She is still on America's Got Talent and hillarious and sweet as ever.

I recently participated on the new season of America's Got Talent and let me tell you, it WAS FREAKING AMAZING!!! Seriously this show is SOLID!!!! The new season begins tonite on NBC, 9/8c.

This is an article from the ***NEW YORK POST***

E said...

I caught the show last night, but was disappointed that they didn't show the Atlanta taping. Oh well, it'll come soon enough. :)

You participated? Were you a contestant or working behind the scenes?