Friday, March 14, 2008

How to Catch a Leprechaun

Leprechaun GirlBorrowed from: eHow

Step 1:
Gather glittery bits and gaudy baubles. They need not be valuable--a leprechaun is a greedy lass and will be tempted to steal any little bits of shiny treasure. Her heart really desires coins and gold, so it may be best to find some gold coins to use as bait.

Step 2:
Decide where you shall set your trap. Remember the faerie folk are a bit braver nigh St. Patrick's Day and may be venturing into your home, but nonetheless it may be best to build your trap in the grassy glen. If you don't live near a grassy glen, your backyard ought to do.

Step 3:
Find a good-sized shoebox or a small wooden crate and disguise it well. Consider using bits o'grass, leaves and green paint to make the box blend into the surrounding area.

Step 4:
Locate a stick, about 12 to 18 inches long and glue some of your glittery bits to it to attract the leprechaun' s attention. As an alternative, you may consider wrapping the stick in shamrocks to mark the trap as a lucky and magical place.

Step 5:
Tie a length of string to one end of the stick and make a small loop on the other end of the string. The loop should be just large enough to catch the toe of a leprechaun as she stumbles over the string.

Step 6:
Place your box so that the open end 'tis flat on the ground, placing the remainder of your leprechaun bait underneath the box. Tilt it up on one end and use the stick to prop it open, making sure to put the end with the string on the ground.

Step 7:
Trail the string outside the box. The leprechaun is sure to get her foot caught in the loop as he rushes to grab the glittery goods. That way, even if she isn't greedy enough to grab the stick on the way out, she will still pull the stick out of the box--ensuring that the trap will fall upon her head and keep her captive.

Step 8:
Leave a trail of glitter and Lucky Charms leading to the leprechaun trap and wait 'til St. Patrick's Day morn. When you awake listen for the sound of the wee leprechaun' s hammer pounding inside the trap.

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