Monday, April 28, 2008

Passive Aggressives Blow Up Sex Dolls Rock Hard

Oakland California based alternative rock band The Passive Aggressives use hilarious blow up sex dolls in this funny music video.

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Unknown said...

Love that band!

Bonez said...

This was the only time I had heard of them and must admit that I liked their "style", too. Guess I need to revisit and see what they are up to today... thanks for the reminder and the visit to Bonez, Damian.

Unknown said...

I cannot tell a lie, I'm in the band. And, I wish I'd have seen your post earlier! Anyway, thanks for the love and really appreciate that you put up our video. We actually have a couple others on YouTube ... a version with the band. And a video from our new Album.


Bonez said...

Wow! Glad you "revealed" yourself (not like flashing or anything) to us Bonezians, Damian. I see your profile is blocked from public view or I would have commented further about the great band and arranged another post featuring them... er... you... um... well, you know what I am trying to say. I will check out your YouTube offerings and do some more digging and possibly create another post reminding Bonezites of what they may be missing. Did you guys do a "making of" video of the blow up sex dolls video?