Thursday, May 29, 2008

Alien Android Stripper

Bonez supports the arts and creative dance. Bonez acknowledges and defends the inalienable rights of androids, robots, replicants and other synthetic or manufactured human-like constructs who have achieved self awareness. Bonez accepts legal immigration of aliens. Specifically those aliens of the alternate dimension or space faring varieties. Said aliens willing to undress (artfully, of course) as a means of earning their way in Earth society, pay fair share of taxes and fuel the U.S. War Machine are given preferential consideration by the Bonez staff. Legal alternate dimensional or space faring aliens allowing Bonez crew members to backward engineer their superior alien technologies, sciences and stripper strategies are given unlimited free passes to all sanctioned Bonez world events and venues. Entities that are composite alien androids and experienced in the stripping arts will be featured on the Bonez front page for limited engagements and global exposure. Such alien android strippers are also eligible for admittance to the E Halfway House for Legal Alien Android Strippers (proof of stripper abilities required).

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Ole Blue The Heretic said...


Bonez said...

It is starting to concern me, Blue, that you and some other Bonez folks seem to visit only when the spicy stuff hits. What's up with that? Kidding you... I know you are a lurker from way back... like the way back in the frakkin' back row ;)