Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Nets. We Do Not Have Them.

7:00 AM

Got into work at my normal time. Fixed myself a cup of coffee and headed to my desk to catch up on the emails that have arrived since last night. Aside from one or two niggling issues this is shaping up to be a pretty average day.

7:14 AM

Scott just announced that our internet was down. Woo hoo! A couple of minutes away from the daily grind. Things are definitely looking up.

7:45 AM

The net is still down. Boredom has begun to creep in. Scott has wavered between reading a book and playing the built-in Windows games. It's creeping me out a tad.

8:32 AM

Tensions are beginning to run high. This is the 21st century. I'm not entirely positive what we can do without the net. We tried talking, but relating face to face just feels so old fashioned. LOL just doesn't translate into analog speak.

9:18 AM

Scott and I just had an extremely aggressive shouting match. Apparently he's jealous of the limited internet capabilities of my phone. He tried to snatch it from me but I held fast. I no longer trust him. I'm beginning to notice a rift in the office, almost as if we were beginning to take sides.

11:49 AM

Those bastards! We sent Steve over to negotiate terms on coffee machine usage and they killed him! His head is on a pike outside Scott's cubicle, staring us down. There is a sense of urgency regarding our retaliation. I only pray that our men are able to carry out their orders.

2:17 PM

Losses on both sides have been catastrophic. Our office, once 100 strong is down to just a handful of associates. I'm not certain how much longer either side can hold out. All I know is, we still control the cellular phone.

3:51 PM

The internet is back on. It took about twenty minutes to clear the carcass fort from around my desk. Fixed a cup of coffee. Started catching up on the mails that came in since this morning. My workload has significantly increased. Sigh.

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pillywiggin said...

that sounds like an awesome day E