Monday, June 09, 2008

Why You Comin Home at Five in the Morn?

The great thinkers of history achieved their notoriety through their willingness to question everything that surrounded them, causing them to place forward questions that, while controversial at the time, forever changed human perception. Some examples of this would be the Copernican formulation of heliocentric cosmology and Isaac Newton's laws of motion. These were questions that turned the world on its ear, forcing us to question the very nature of life and existence.

But great minds are not consigned to history alone, and even today some iconoclasts seek to nurture a reinterpretation of human value and natural law. One such modern intellectualist is the divine songwriter and lyricist "Riskay" who has asked of the world, "Can I smell your dick?".

Much like Shakespeare before her, Riskay centers her pieces on affairs of the heart, showing an innate understanding and appreciation of the human condition. Her ability to break down our fears resonates with her audience, allowing us to appreciate the depth of concern she has about the possibility of her betrothed having lusty interludes with another female.

Not content to accept the false statements of a partner trapped in a lie, she demands arbitration of a different type, inviting her lover to present his genitals for olfactory inspection, allowing her to determine conclusively if malfeasance is afoot.

"Why you comin home 5 in the mornnn
Somethins goin on, can I smell yo dick
Don't play me like a fool, cause that ain't cool
So wat u need to do is lemme smell yo dick"

Whereas Shakespeare favored iambic pentameter when penning his creations, Riskay does not concern herself with standard convention, ascribing to neither a set rhythmic device or rhyming scheme. Her comprehension of the fears that drive us, coupled with her mastery of the spoken word allow for a song that's meaning transcends the boundaries of language, her words connecting with her audience at an almost primal level. To paraphrase Antonio Salieri, after viewing her lyrics, "I was staring through those meticulous keystrokes at an absolute beauty".

But even though she persists with her osmatic demands, she is still willing to hear out the pleadings of her mate, showing a willingness to assimilate all aspects of a situation before determining her final stance on the matter.

"I might break bread, with one or two strippaz
But that don't mean u gotta pull ma zippa
Thinking I be down the whole town
Even though I got enough dick to go around"

And though her mate may make a good case against Riskay's directions, ultimately she persists in her request, demanding that she be allowed to smell his nether regions.

Mere words cannot put into perspective the meticulous attention to detail that Riskay has imparted into her lyrics, nor can they ever express the depth and breadth of feeling that she conveys. If you haven't had the opportunity to discover Riskay's body of work, I implore you to seek her out.

Today we speak of Homer, Plato, and Shakespeare. There is no doubt that in days to come we will look back at Riskay as one of the preimminent thinkers of the 21st century.

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pillywiggin said...

thanks a lot E, after reading that post, and actually listening to that song i was haunted by nightmares for the early part of my sleep that i had to wake up for a xanax to clear my head of that crazy ass shit :P

E said...

I'm sure your mind was just hard at work, trying to figure out how to incorporate her techniques into your life. It seems like a foolproof method of determination to me.