Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dream Journal - February 1989 - Purging Flames

Last night the sun exploded and I didn't wake up. I wanted to but just could not muster the strength nor the will to avoid death.

As if I could.

My heart raced and my step-father ran beside me with absolute terror on his face. We both knew we were dead but he didn't know it was a dream. Together we ran and together we watched the sun dissolve. Its consuming flames brought blind blackness as it melted our eyes in their sockets and its searing tongue licked the flesh from our bones.

Actually, the thought of dying such an agonizing death with the man I hated and feared so intensely most of my life was quite refreshing and liberating. Though drenched in sweat when I jerked awake, I had a sincere smile on my face and felt more alive than ever.

Image © Daryl Sim

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